Master of Truth (Satguru) is a Master who is capable to show the True Essence that resides within the disciples and bring them back to their true home.


      The criterion of a True Master is Spiritual Light and Sound Principle. If someone says He has bread then he could give it to you to eat. So you immediately feel the taste of the bread. A True Master can provide or grant a light and sound principle experience for you. He also works as a Guide who is competent of keeping you reaching safely at your destination with His spiritual body.

      A Master of Truth (Satguru) on his mission to help many miserable beings must have three bodies, namely:


The earthly, physical body of a Satguru the flesh-and-blood being that has manifested in the world is used to teach mankind (and bring all beings to enlightenment). To answer all disciples’ questions and to do physical works and also bear/shoulder the burden of His disciples’s karma.


The manifestation body is created to keep the student both far and near so that the disciples could be protected from dangers in spiritual practice such as the devil’s traps. The manifestation body is very beautiful and phenomenal miraculous. This manifestation body is also used to teach in spiritual/ higher realms which are invisible to the physical or outer eyes.


The body of light is the essence of the True Master. This body is brilliant and omnipresent, only those whose wisdom eyes/inner eyes opened can see this body.

Question ~ Answers

1. Questions: Master, how many types of True Master / Satguru, Masters who teach in the world?

Master Adi Dharma: There are 2 types, new Masters and old Masters. It’s like at school, there are teachers who have been teaching for a long time and there are teachers who are newly/freshly teaching.

They are all called Teachers, the difference is only a matter of duration or length of teaching. For example, Goddess of Mercy is sometimes known as Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara / Quanyin Bodhisattva.

In one of her vows He will not attain nirvana if there is still suffering in the world. So She must continue to come to this world to help the suffering mankind, the reason is her compassion, her mercifulness. She could not stand seeing the cries of her children. Such is a mother’s heart.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krisna also said that, “Whenever there is a decline of Dharma (people do not abide by Dharma), and adharma (Unrighteousness) rises, at such times I take birth. For protecting the virtuous, destroying the evildoers and for the reinstatement of Dharma, I reincarnate in every Yug (Era) over and over again.”

So these great Masters continue to come to the world for various reasons. He also explains that if he descends into the world then he will be vilified, slandered, reviled, laughed at, etc., because humans find it is difficult to recognize their true essence.

Humans only see the physical appearance but do not recognize who lives inside. So at the beginning of teaching, I have also been slandered, ridiculed and even demeaned until now. That is a condition to become a true Master (Master smiles…).

In a soccer game you need a goalkeeper so the ball is not easily entered. Being slandered is a way so that only worthy souls to follow a Master. Moreover, Master also bears a lot of karmic accumulation of disciples and non-disciples.

Being slandered is very helpful, helping to reduce Master’s karmas (Master smiles again…). The more slanders come the more Master’s glory shines. Whenever and wherever all of you My disciples find someone who slanders or defames Master, say thank you from Master. (disciples applause…)