Master Adi Dharma

Master Adi Dharma


…What is taught by Master Adi Dharma?


Firstly, he doesn’t teach a new method, but the ancient method that had been practiced by the saints of the past.

He teaches and promulgates how one can attain enlightenment in this life and connect directly with the power of God through inner light and sound meditation.

This inner Light and sound are one, like the sun with its rays. This light and spiritual Sound are the vibration of God that vibrates in the entire universe. This God’s vibration is considerably addressed and talked about in the holy books. The saints declared and express it with different names but have the same meaning.

For example, the Hindu’s saints called it as Nada, Nad,  Sand, Svara. The Sikh’s saints addressed it as Naam. The Sufis named it as Kalma. The saints of Taoism called it as heavenly music and Buddhist saints speak it as inner sound.

To get inner sounds and light experience, then one must get initiation/diksa from a true living master (Satguru).

The master will also give a sacred mantra to ward off and repel negative forces or dark forces. So the method is very important, like someone who wants to go to a far place so he must at least choose a good vehicle so that can reach the destination.

Secondly, Master Adi Dharma teaches to carry out at least 5 precepts – moral principles to preserve and maintain self-purity. The 5 precepts are

  1. Do not take the life of anything living.
  2. Do not take anything not freely given.
  3. Abstain from sensual overindulgence.
  4. Refrain from untrue speech.
  5. Avoid intoxication.

These 5 precepts are compared to a house fence that holds bad people or wild animals into the house.

By doing right actions the heart and mind will calm down so that meditation will be successful

Third, Master Adi Dharma teaches the students to practice compassion in their daily life. For example,  helping people who need help. Compassion can also be in the form of food, which means, if we get used to eating meat, so for sure will support killing, because the meat is gained by killing animals. So being vegetarian is good and reduces bad karma.
How could a white shirt be clean if it was still stained with blood, so in the same way, it is impossible for someone who wants to attain purity still consumes blood and animal flesh

Fourth, Master Adi dharma through his teachings teaches and promulgates how to be a wise saint. wise means to understand what is right and wrong, which is true and false, where noble goals and inferior goals. So Master Adi dharma teaches how the students must carry out the moral codes and do meditation every day and at last, students must develop wisdom in this life that can reach nirvana or go to the highest heaven.