Requirement Initiation

What are the essential prerequisites for the initiation, they are…

1.    A strict observance of Vegetarian diet regulations is a must and compulsory (free from all kinds of containing meat, fish fowl, and eggs both fertile and infertile) at least for a period of three months.
2.    Striving to observe the five precepts, namely:  no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying (dishonesty), and avoid all alcoholic intoxicants and stimulants (drink or food that weaken/destroy the consciousness)
3.   Life of righteousness (right thinking, right speech, right action). Avoid trading meat or living things, liquor, poison, and weapon.

Before getting initiation, A Master will teach light meditation first. If an aspirant is ready and convinced for the initiation, please contact the contact person.

Question ~ Answer

1. Question: How can you determine someone deserves an initiation, Master?

Master Adi Dharma: A good question, depending on the time whether it has arrived. So it’s like a banana if it’s old and looks yellow then it can be cut down and the taste will be natural than a young banana that is cut down forcefully so the banana can’t be eaten at all. There are some people in a short period of time, probably only a few days, so Master gives a direct initiation, and there are some others who have asked for initiation for a few months or even years, but Master doesn’t initiate them. So some are fast and some are slow according to their good karmas in past lives. In some cases, some disciples only follow the Master for a while and then they leave. Even though Master knew that after their initiation they would leave, He still to initiate them because He saw their past lives as good people. If you do not follow the Master now probably later in the next life, they will come back to the Master after being bored with the world (Master laughs…), like a kite that flies away in the sky and in time will be pulled back by a thread. Initiation for spiritual seekers are like to get a free plane ticket and they really appreciate it but for those who don’t want to go home then this ticket will be discarded like trash, maybe someday they will look for it again (Master smiles…). For a Master, initiation is very important as a poor man who finds a treasure box but has no key. A key is needed to open this box. So the key is initiation. After the box is opened, a poor person will become rich. This is the real miracle, a miracle on the world stage.

2. Question: Is there any difference when initiated directly by the Master himself or a messenger?

Master Adi Dharma: There is a slight difference. Imagine that someone you love came directly and gave you a present rather than he was unable to attend and sent someone to send you a gift. At first glance we may see the gifts given are the same but the case is different if the gift giver comes and makes us happier and blessed (Master smiles …). Maybe he brought some extra gifts for us (Master laughs…). You must understand that Master is likened to a powerhouse (the biggest power station…). So when you are close to this source the strength is greater. There is more electric energy, larger voltage. So it is fortunate for those who get initiated directly by the physical Master himself. A few days before the great Master Kirpal Singh died, He initiated about a thousand more people with His hands, and He said the same thing about those who were very fortunate to have been initiated by Master himself. Maybe you’ve heard of Shaktipat? I will explain in details. Shaktipat is a process of transmitting or conferring spritual/divine energy (or descent of spiritual/divine energy) by Master’s grace. So transmitting or conferring the biggest energy is through the eyes, by a look. Imagine that at the time of initiation you saw and looked directly into the eyes of the Master. Well … it’s a birthday for your soul. He receives the greatest gift/boon from the universe and even bigger if the gift-giver comes in person and beholds you all bringing some additional gifts. This is amazing and an unforgettable birthday experience for the soul.

3. Question: Master, there was a young man who saw that there was a Master behind me wearing a white robe. Thank you for keeping and protecting me all this time. O Master, you are my refuge.

Master Adi Dharma: After getting initiation, the Master delegates or sends one of the master’s astral body (The astral form of the Master Soul / Inner Master) to look after the disciples. So He oversees and guards the disciples for 24 hours. For example, you will have a deadly accident, in that instance the Master’s astral body will protect you even from black magic. If I elaborate on Master’s astral form assignment, there is no end to it. The Greatness of the Master is indescribable and beyond all comprehension. Remember the Master as much as possible because it is very good for your faith and the progress of your spiritual practice. In the past, there was also a disciple who told me that his kinsman from Jakarta had come to his house but he did not dare to go into the house because he saw that there was a Master’s astral form (self-luminous form of the Master) at home. The guardian spirit of his kinsman is afraid of Master. So it is useful for Master’s photo to be displayed at home (Master laughs …) because the evil or bad does not dare to enter. All of this is the form of shelter and supervision of the Master’s love to disciples because we know that there are many evil asuras/demons who like to deceive people who are doing self-development, self-enhancement by disguising themselves as saints. Very many of these maya tricks, as Master once told about Sakyamuni Buddha’s words about this asura’s deception. The human life has already been very difficult, moreover to develop and cultivate yourself to achieve nirvana is also very difficult because many evil beings (mara) or asura (rakshasa-demonic beings) that try to block our noble intentions.