1. Q: In meditation, I saw clearly some of my past lives and had been a disciple of Master for several lives, including when Master was born as Satguru Kirpal Singh in India. I was a Tamil disciple at that time. Why do I continue to be born as your disciple, is my karma unaccomplished, Master?

M : Some people choose the path of Bodhisattva (holy beings) by taking a noble vow and delaying entering Nirvana so that they come back to the physical world. Some people are less diligent in fostering themselves so they must come and keep coming back to repeat the path of spiritual life. So sometimes we meet people who have spiritual faculties such as, can see the past and the future, see astral beings, fortune-telling and have other faculties because they have already done self-fostering in their past lives.

Some time ago there was a small child who threw three puppies in front of the ashram and Master took them. These three female puppies did not come by accident, thousands of years ago they were brothers and had become Master’s disciples, but because they did not follow Master’s instructions and liked to fight (disobedience) they did not get any spiritual progress. After reincarnating again they came back using animal bodies and lived in the ashram and had the same characteristics or traits (Master laughs …..). So some come back like Satguru (Master of Truth…) because of noble intentions and some come back because of karma. Some are mindful when they are here in human form and there are those who are mindful when they are beyond/afterlife. Therefore the Buddha said, “Consciousness is the treasure of the saints”, the awareness that distinguishes beings from one another. Keep your consciousness alive like someone who keeps a lamp burning in a dark house, don’t let this lamp die in the wind.


2. Q : A few years ago, my father-in-law gave me the book of Baba Sawan Singh’s life story. After I read it in a semi-conscious state Baba Sawan Singh’s astral body appeared with a radiant-noble face and tall figure. The arrival of a foreign figure, I was surprised and recite the five charged names continuously. He remained standing and smiling and said, “You are precisely right and very true to follow Master Adi Dharma because He is Param Sant Kirpal Singh… (who has come again with the message of love and to guide humanity on the path of Truth…).” This incident happened for around 5 minutes and until now I still remember His smile, dignity, and authority. Thank you for your blessings Master …

M : Amazing blessings. Sometimes it could happen that way…, the past Masters have come to remind the true purposeful of human life. So when you are initiated by a living Satguru, a Satguru has granted one astral body to look after you. You are given a maximum of 4 lives to be liberated from this ocean of samsara. For example, if you fail in this life then in the next life you will be reborn as a human and will repeat the previous spiritual path. The former Master’s astral body will guide you to the new Master to be re-educated. This is the unconditional love of the Satgurus.


3. Q : Master, this morning during dawn meditation I had an inner vision. I saw Bodhidharma wearing a white robe with a golden halo light on his head standing in the middle of a large temple teaching kungfu or martial arts movements to his disciples, most of whom were male wearing all white clothes. There were so many of them, their bodies were strong and muscular and I was there at the time. Every movement of Bodhidharma’s hands and feet emitted a white aura and we followed His movements. From childhood, I always saw Bodhidharma pictures at home, am I one of his disciples and is it related to you because this afternoon you taught some kind of movement for health and strengthening the body?

M : Maybe you were one of Bodhidharma’s disciples in a past life (Master smiles …) We know that He is a true Guru, a Master of Truth who taught meditation to attain enlightenment and taught martial arts to his disciples. So sometimes there were some true Masters in the past who not only taught meditation but added some kind of health or martial movements like Bodhidharma or Maharsi Patanjali who taught yoga.

So am I, initially I only ask you to meditate more but there are some disciples who sometimes complained of pain or sickness. Sometimes sickness can come from your bad karma but it can also come from an unhealthy body because your organs are getting weak. So I take memories of past lives and I create movements to strengthen the physical and of course make the body healthier. This simple movement is called Manussabhumi ( MB )The Movement consists of 9 movements, 3 turns, and 6 directions. Master has tried it and the results are amazing.

The body will sweat a lot, and become warm. The body’s toxins are removed and blood flow is unleashed. Natural energy repairs the weak organs, as a result, after the organs recover, our energy will increase several times and the body becomes light, and the clogged chakras are cleared which of course supports sitting in meditation longer and the concentration becomes stronger. As you age getting older, the body will become weak due to the lifestyle or food exposure to chemicals and electronic radiation. So I think there is nothing wrong with me teaching this healthy movement to you, the important thing is that you keep diligent in meditating because meditation is for the soul and this Manussabhumi (MB) movement to strengthen and nourish the body. Physically and spiritually are healthy, it’s so good that the Master doesn’t hear any more disciples complaining of pain or aches (Master laughs …)


4. Q : Master, in my meditation I heard a heavenly voice, a cosmic sound saying that there will be a spiritual revival in Indonesia like the era of the Sriwijaya kingdom?

M : In the time of the Sriwijaya kingdom based in Sumatra there was a Satguru / true Guru / Dharma Master born there named Dharmakirti. His life was like Bodhidharma, he was a prince and renounced the fame, pleasure, power of a great kingdom. He chose to seek enlightenment in India and finally he reached the level of a true Master. He spent his time in Sumatra becoming an enlightened Master who taught the essence of dharma to many people from abroad who kept coming to be his disciples including prince Atisha from India. After Atisha attained Master’s level, following twelve years of study with Dharmakirti, Dharmakirti ordered Atisha to go to Tibet to spread the essence of Buddhism. Atisha was sad to leave his Master because his master at that time was getting old, but Dharmakirti said and promised that a thousand years to come I would be reborn to this land of Sumatra to re-propagate and re-promulgate the essence of true Dharma. So history has already recorded that a Satguru was born in Sumatra. A true Master doesn’t have to be born in India. He could be born anywhere. When the Dharma declines and degenerates somewhere a Dharma Master will be born there to turn off the wheel of dharma again.

5. Q : Master, Is it important/essential or not to know past lives, and what is the essence of human life?

M : A disciple enthusiastically asked the Master. He asked, who was the birth of his past? He wants to know. Then the Master answered, Whoever you are in past lives is not very important. Past lives is like an old clothes that has been thrown away. Now you wear new clothes. This is the most important! Life is truly real now and use your best time for the development of inner growth so that you become a useful person for other creatures/beings and you are free now. Speaking of past lives problems, some people from abroad and within the country could see some of Master’s past births. Some people came from Australia to meet Master and one of them told me that in his past lives he was a Buddhist monk. He was assigned to guard and feed the Bodhidharma who meditated for nine years in the cave. He said that the Guru was the incarnation of Bodhidharma who came back to the world. Therefore he came from far away to meet Master (Master laughs…) and Master said, “Who cares about past lives.” There was also an old nun who met Master, who said that Master was the reincarnation of Bodhidharma and was a famous Chinese emperor. Some disciples can also see past lives and say the same thing Who cares! Life goes on like flowing water We have come continuously to this world one, two, three or even thousands of lives even met as family, friends, siblings or as a teacher and student. Well, sometimes Master laughs at this play. Well, for example, Master sees someone who should not be here. He should live happily in a higher realm. In fact, He descended here, in a place full of suffering. Sometimes the Master had warned him that the world was very dangerous. If you did not practice, you could get lost again, creating a new karma. A karma that will pull us down again to pay for it. An article from Guru Arjan, one of the enlightened Sikh Masters, “Often you become an insect and worm. Often you become an elephant, fish and deer. Often you become a snake or a bird. After millions of years you now have the privilege of being a noble human being. Now your chance to find God.” It is very true what Master Arjan said. Master strongly agrees, in the teachings of Hinduism, it is said very clearly that God resides in us, in all beings. We must find it immediately but before experiencing this enlightenment, you must first find a Dharma Guru / True Teacher. This is exactly what Bodhidharma’s message is. Even though humans have Buddha Nature, it will all be of no use if you don’t find a teacher who shows it. We can’t just look at the picture of a cake. Every now and then you have to eat it. Well, then the stomach will feel full. This is direct enlightenment, immediate enlightenment.