Guru Adi dharma was born in Sumatra in 1981, one of the provinces in Indonesia. He comes from a poor family and an untalkative and shy child. When he was 13 years old, he began to know Buddhism. He became interested in meditation practice taught by Sakyamuni Buddha. Every day he sat for a few minutes to one hour to do meditation and every time he meditated, he immediately entered the realm of peaceful light.

At the age of 20, Guru Adi Dharma began to feel spiritual thirst. In order to satisfy his spiritual thirst, he started reading a lot of spiritual books and other scriptures and practicing several kinds of meditation. In daily meditation activities, Guru Adi Dharma entered and penetrates a bright white light but there was a dark wall blocking it. This happened over time the minute he meditated.

In 2004, when he was precisely 23 years old, he read a meditation book on the Quanyin method taught by a female Master named Chinghai who was often referred to by the nickname Supreme Master Chinghai. In his inner vision, he realized that a true Master would help him penetrate the light of darkness that had come. In a short time, Master Adi Dharma learned convenient meditation and on the third day, Supreme Master Chinghai’s astral body came into meditation. Guru Adi Dharma said, “Supreme Master Chinghai sat on a large rock and I sat on a smaller rock. We both sat near a clear flowing river. We closed our eyes together in meditation. Then, came a clear and powerful inner sound for the first time”. About one month later, Guru Adi Dharma received initiation in the Quanyin method from Supreme Master Chinghai. Master Adi Dharma spent 6 to 7 hours each day in meditation then.

In 2006, Supreme Master Chinghai held a meditation retreat in Thailand for several days. Guru Adi Dharma got the opportunity to follow the retreat. Guru Adi Dharma was seated approximately 10 meters from the physical body of Supreme Master Chinghai when she lectured. Guru Adi Dharma said, “Like an empty glass filled with water, my body is given such great energy by the Supreme Master Chinghai that in it happiness arises and is indescribable, my mind is completely silent, all questions stop and only inner satisfaction is experienced.” It was an extraordinary inner experience for the first time after meeting the Supreme Master Chinghai physically. After finishing the meditation retreat, Guru Adi Dharma continued to meditate continuously every day.

Apart from regular meditation, Guru Adi Dharma also worked as an educator on Buddhist teachings at a school. Once, Guru Adi Dharma was teaching at school, students at the school were required to pray and close their eyes before studying. After opening their eyes, they reported seeing a bright light and some saw Guru Adi Dharma’s astral body sitting on a lotus. This often happened when the teacher taught at school.

 Hundreds of students experienced spiritual events. Some spiritual seekers came to Guru Adi Dharma including a young man who came to Guru Adi Dharma asking to be illuminated in Dharma because he could see Guru Adi Dharma’s entire physical body emitting a great golden and halo light, and he said that Guru Adi Dharma is one of the 8 great Bodhisattvas who wears a white robe who descends into the world to save humanity, and some say Guru Adi Dharma is the reincarnation of a Great Indian Master. Then Guru Adi Dharma also shared that He was visited several times by Supreme Master Chinghai’s astral body to request him to teach humans, but Guru Adi Dharma refused. Guru Adi Dharma chose to be an ordinary person by leading a quiet serene life, even though Guru Adi Dharma has seen some of His past lives as a Master of spiritual celestial sound light principle.

One-time Guru Adi Dharma thought he didn’t want to be reborn in the future. He didn’t want to teach humans in this birth, but in meditation, Supreme Master Chinghai’s astral body came back in a clear vision and said, “You must not end your vows, otherwise who will teach humans?”

 After some time of pondering, and remembering Supreme Master Chinghai’s inner messages, he finally followed his destiny to teach humanity. He also started teaching and giving initiations to several people in 2008, when Guru Adi Dharma was 27 years old. He began to teaching people with a message of wisdom and compassion. He then founded a spiritual group called the Yogisvara Meditation Group. He initiated hundreds of people and continues till date.

Master Adi Dharma teaches a way so that people can connect with the great power that resides in the body (within). He names this power as the Essence of God or Buddhahood. This power vibrates in the whole universe and can be heard by humans whose spiritual ear opened in the form an inner sound.

This inner sound is discussed in all the scriptures, they call this inner sound in various names. The saints speak as Nada, Nad, Word, Naam, Kalma, Logos, Heavenly Music, Inner Sound, etc..
The teachings are free of charge and do not need to leave their respective beliefs and religions, those who want to become students must get transmission of dharma or initiation. Do a vegetarian diet / consume vegetables and practice 5 precepts :
1. to abstain from taking life
2. to abstain from taking what is not given
3. to abstain from sensuous misconduct
4. to abstain from false speech
5. to abstain from intoxicants as tending to cloud the mind

 Master Adi Dharma thanks Supreme Master Chinghai for the teachings and initiation of the Guanyin method, and reminding Master Adi Dharma’s mission to come to the world …