~Master Biography~

Master Adi Dharma was born in 1981 in Sumatra, one of the islands in Indonesia.

He was born into a humble family. At the age of 13. He began to sit in meditation and experienced a peaceful white light. When he turned 20, his search for enlightenment became stronger.

He studied many sacred texts and practiced meditation methods from several gurus. A great guru informed him of the mission and purpose for which Master Adi Dharma came to the world.

At the age of 40, a call came from the Himalayas. Finally, he went to meet Mahayogi Maharama, who was thousands of years old and had been waiting for the arrival of Master Adi Dharma for a long time. After receiving the Transmission of Dharma Power, Master Adi Dharma settled for some time to meditate deeply in the Himalayas.

Subsequently, he shared his knowledge and wisdom with many people who wanted to achieve enlightenment through a meditation called “The Diamond Meditation Method.” For those who want to become his students, they must receive initiation and try to follow moral rules (sila), and strive to become a vegetarian