Karma is the law of cause and effect, action, and reaction. As you sow, so shall you reap. Planting apples will grow apples, planting oranges will grow oranges. Human beings live because of the power of karma. Karma can occur through three channels namely, through word, deed, and thought. For example, you help others so this is called good karma, and for example, you do bad things to others, this is called bad karma, including speech and thoughts. So we have to maintain the purity in thought, word, and deed.

Furthermore, karma is divided into 3 types, namely:
1. Past karma, karma is the result of countless past actions that have not been paid off.
2. Present karma, karma is the results from past actions and present life that must be accepted.
3. New karma, karma that is done in the present life but the results will ripen in the future life.

Like a farmer who harvests paddy, some of the rice that is harvested is stored in a warehouse, some are made for food and there are farmers who also plant new paddy seeds.

All beings who are not yet liberated are in a karmic cycle so they cannot get out of this world’s prison. Cooped up and imprisoned for millions of years in this place.

At the time of initiation, Master takes charge of the past past karma of the disciples and burns it. The current karma must be lived or served out by the disciples and future karma is eliminated by daily meditation. If there is karma there will be rebirth (reincarnation). Therefore, karma must be broken off. The most difficult and hardest task of a true perfect living Master is to take charge of or take over the karma of the disciples.


~Question and Answer about karma and blessing

1. QUESTION: Thank you Master, I have recovered from this illness, thank you for your abundance blessings, and someday I will visit Your ashram in Bali?

GURU ADI DHARMA: Pleasingly… when you believe, the miracle will happen. This life is part of the rules of Karma, sometimes we owe karma and sometimes we pay karma, but from all those rules there is another law namely, “the law of blessing, the law of grace (amnesty).” When you are sick, you feel hopeless, life feels really miserable and when you pray sincerely to holy beings and because of your sincerity, they lead you to the lotus feet of a perfect present living saint, this is what the Law of Blessing says. Like in a desert, you are very thirsty and almost die but someone comes to give you water.

It is not wrong in the Indian tradition to always advise people to go to holy masters for getting blessings. Now you understand! … In the hands of the holy Masters there are blessings, boundless boon. Kabir says, “go! … meet your Guru, take as many blessings as you can …

There used to be a disciple came to the Master, so the Master asked, why did you come here? He replied, Bodhisattva Quanyin told me to become your disciple, because all this time if I was meditating I had always been doing astral travel but alone, I knew this was very dangerous because I encountered many disturbing evil beings. After Master accepted him as a disciple, he told that he is now always being guarded by Guru’s astral body, all disturbing beings were expelled by Guru … This also includes the Law of Blessings, the Law of Grace …

The law of blessing that comes to you is physical, and there is the law of blessing that comes to other disciples that is spiritual, divine.

2 . Q : Master, the mother of an initiate has just passed away and her spirit is trying to communicate with me. She said, she is happy now and free from suffering and she is very pleased that his son follows the Sant Satguru (true Master or Master of truth) so he knows the way home.   Such is her statement, Master…

M : The mother told you to tell her son that she is fine now.

In the Buddha’s era, if someone followed the true living Master, the family would be blessed including both parents who gave birth and raised us. So just one person holds up a lamp, then a family will get blessings from the light even if they don’t follow our path. So it’s amazing, so astonishing if you are on the right path. You can share your blessings with anyone.

There was also a disciple who had just been initiated and he saw in the initiation room where the guards of hell and his parents came. His deceased parents told me that he had been freed from the hell realm and thanked the Master because when his son was initiated, he was immediately released from the hell realm. Then the disciple tells the experience to the Master. So this is called joint karma or family karma

Someone who does evil deeds then a family will be ashamed, for example, corruptors, and vice versa, if a family member does good deeds, for example, likes to help people then the family will get praise and compliments. So it’s very easy to understand. This is a major path or the great vehicle or the path of Mahayana. A vehicle that can help many families for generations. So just one person follows the Dharma Master and then all family gets blessings whether they are still alive or have died (disciples applause …)

3. Q : While Master was repeating the sacred mantra in front of the meditating disciples, I saw Master turning into a golden light Buddha whilst pouring abundant blessings on us with Master’s hand. The Master’s energy was very immense attracting my mind so that it focused towards the third eye. Then my third eye saw a yellow light turn to gold. Thank you for your blessings Master, because it is very rare for you to recite holy mantra in front of the meditating disciples.
M :  Blessing is always existed for a disciple who trusts in the Master, like the sun always exists, just open the window and the light will enter the house. Sometimes seeing the Master physically or meeting in person gives a lot of blessings to disciples, especially when the Master repeats the holy mantra directly in front of the disciples. There is a great blessing here that help a disciple’s spiritual progress.