Like someone who wants to go to a place that is quite far away then he starts asking people who have been there (Dharma Guru), then a good and strong vehicle is needed (Dharma Samadhi). On the way, he must obey the traffic signs (Dharma Sila), Stop when someone wants to cross over (Dharma Maitri), and stop at the right place (Dharma Prajna) so that he reaches his destination safely. Thus Master summarizes all of Master’s teachings into five truths principle (Panca Dharma), namely,

1. Dharma Guru, which is in the form of a Guru’s teachings
2. Dharma Samadhi, which is in the form of a method of meditation
3. Dharma Sila, which is in the form of morality, advises and prohibitions of the Guru
4. Dharma Maitri, which is in the form of cultivation of the nature of universal loving-kindness
5. Dharma Prajna, which is in the form of the ordinary and the highest wisdom

These five dharma must be applied/manifested in everyday life such as coarse gold which must be cut, burned, sharpened, and shaped into a valuable necklace. In the beginning, the true nature was absolutely perfect, but because it was covered by dust it became dirty again. This is our duty that has come to the human realm, which is to learn to be perfect again, to see our greatness and majesty again.