Find answers all to problems through meditation

I will tell you that it is very dangerous to be a spiritual teacher if you don’t have the necessary power. Some time ago a young man came to learn meditation. He immediately looked for the closest place in front of the teacher. The distance was only about 2-3 meters, and he sat in meditation, but not long woke up like a scared person. After the meditation session was over, he was very nervous and embarrassed to tell me that there was a wave of lightning grabbing him, and he apologized for trying to attack Master with his magical powers; he had previously practiced with a teacher from Tibet. Practicing spirituality is not the purpose of being arrogant or testing people with magical weapons. It may happen that your magical weapon kills people instantly, but the case is different if you are dealing with the wrong person. Practicing spiritually aims to achieve enlightenment and throwing away the ugly nature within yourself.

Then at another time, the teacher lectured in public attended by hundreds of people, and then suddenly there was bad energy trying to attack him. An old man called asura / a giant creature attacked the teacher, but instantly the asura ran helplessly. The teacher laughed; like thugs, desiring to disturb a young man, after knowing the young man is a policeman, they ran in fear. Many people consider the teacher lives comfortably and is respected by many people. I think that the view is wrong because to save someone the teacher has to wrestle with the asuras, the past life debt collectors; also black magicians seek revenge who are unhappy because Master helps someone who has suffered because of their actions. So the teacher must have the power to deal with some kinds of astral cases. It is very dangerous to be a teacher because at any time he is risking his life to save many people. The teacher has taught for about 10 years and there have been many problems that the teacher has faced. This is only a small problem of the thousand problems that the teacher faces. So if Rumi tells you to look for a true Master so that the devil will not lead you astray, that is very true!

Why is that? To go to the highest heaven or reach nirvana, we must pass through many astral realms. Every inhabitant is inhabited by astral beings who have power. They are very unhappy if there are people passing through their realms. They will try to imitate a holy so that the person will be deceived or pervade the body of the person with various mudras so that it is thought to be conceded by a saint. Actually, it is disguised as such. It should be underlined that saints do not possess the human body. It is the devil who likes to disguise himself as a god, goddess or saint by possessing the human body. These disgraceful ways have happened hundreds of years since Buddha Sakyamuni died. He told us clearly there. Alright, I think all of you could take the wisdom or conclusion that I explained earlier. Let us pray together that hopefully, all beings who suffer immediately can find a teacher who can guide them towards the path of enlightenment so that they can reach nirvana later.