Experience Initiation


Experience Initiation

Q : Guruji, may I share my experiences during initiation?

M : Of course, every experience can be shared with the permission of a Master, otherwise don’t share it with fellow initiates or maybe other people.

The reason could make us proud or pompous and friends will become jealous. Second, creating Maya hindrances because many astral beings dislike our experiences.

If you read the Buddha’s story it says the spiritual experiences between the Buddha and His disciples. The disciples always ask questions or narrate their experiences to the Buddha, so this is an experience between the Master and the disciples.
You can narrate…

Then a disciple recounts that during the “initiation” I see a rain of golden light from the sky descending into the meditation hall so that the center and surroundings are filled with golden light.

Then the Master’s manifestation body comes in a white robe emitting golden light and holding a dragon staff and sitting on a chair in the middle of the meditation hall.

Master blesses with palms emitting golden light to all the initiates. Then I see various kinds of lights and heard voices or sounds from various layers of higher dimensions that are talked about in the scriptures. Thank you for this precious experience.

Guru Adi Dharma explains further..,  “Initiation is a spiritual process whereby souls are connected to the Source, connected with heaven. At the time of initiation, the heaven’s gate above the sky will open and emit/pour out its light to the earth.

Your chakras will be opened especially the Ajna Chakra and the Crown Chakra. So you can see and hear the energy from heaven in the form of various kinds of spiritual celestial sound and light.

You can see the manifestation bodies of Guru or saints coming to bless you, or if your merits are sufficient then you can immediately go to higher spiritual realms.

As the Master repeatedly says, the qualification of a true Guru is to be able to give existence to spiritual light and sound principle and to have billions of manifestation bodies to protect the disciples. So you are now verifying the Master’s words.

This is a great blessing, not only to see the image of the cake but now you eat it yourself.