About The Method

Q : Where do we start meditation, Master?

M : Starting from here (Master points out between the eyebrows slightly upwards …).

This point is called the “door of the soul” or the place where God resides in humans.

So every human chakra has its respective functions. If you read the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna advises Arjuna to do yoga or meditation by focusing on this Ajna chakra point.

Make yourself calm and focus your attention at this point while repeating the holy mantras it will feel like a gentle swirl of wind.

Well … the door is correct, the gate is open and you will soon go within discovering your true nature. You will be connected to the universe as soon as possible.

You must understand at the beginning of creation, what is created first is the spiritual world and then the physical world. There will be many amazing views thousands of times more beautiful than this earth.

Many graceful and noble beings can be found while on the way home. We can go to higher planets such as Goloka (Krishna’s residence …) or to the residence of saints or Buddhas.

This power of creation is extraordinary, therefore you must be escorted by a competent guide Guru. I think you understand why Krishna suggests to Arjuna to study with a living spiritual Guru.

A master who has lived up the truth and his true self because Krishna knows well that this path is very difficult without the help of a living Master.

So there are two things that you must hold to in spiritual practice, namely, “Method and Master”. The method is right and the Master is also right so you really dive into God and the truth according to the teachings of the scriptures.

Now sit in meditation for only 40 minutes and after 40 minutes the disciples relate their experience that they saw various lights appear and the Master’s astral body came in a white robe with a smile.

Then the Master said, “Good experience at the beginning, there will be a lot of knowledge and wisdom that you achieve if you really look for the path of authenticity.”

~Master Adi Dharma and disciple~