Spiritual Practice

Q : Master, why is it so difficult to practice spirituality in this world?

M : If it’s easy then everyone could become a Buddha (Master laughs…). All can become saints and the world will instantly become heaven. Difficulties really help train our patience and enthusiasm. So these two things must be trained by Bodhisattvas or great beings.

Sometime ago Master met with an out-of-town guest who came to the ashram. When Master met it felt familiar and the guest too. The Master opened the spiritual curtain/screen for a moment. O… apparently this guest was a deity who was worshiped a lot.

…For what purpose he reincarnated as a human?

So after Master discussed with him and many of his words often repeated, “I’m happy if people are happy too. It’s uncomfortable if I’m happy alone”. So the answer was answered already,

Apparently this deity descended into the world to perfect himself. He wanted to enter the Bodhisattva earth. This world is a place of practice, a spiritual school that hones and purify yourself to understand the nature of life and the purpose of human birth so that we can return to our original home, a home where there is no more suffering, a home where there is no more births and deaths.

Ok, so we must continue to race like a race-horse that leaves the exhausted horses. Use your time seriously to practice more diligently. Be always conscious and aware and keep mindful that we are only temporary guests here in this world. So every difficulty and obstacle is nothing but an emery stone that will make you shine brighter.

~Master Adi Dharma and disciples~