Spiritual Experience

1. When you are delivering a discourse, I see a circle of divine light covers your head. What kind of circle is that Master?

M : The circle is called a “Hallo”, if you see images of saints or sages like Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, then behind their heads there is always a kind circle of light. This light is a projection of spiritual achievement. It means they have attained great enlightenment, the ultimate wisdom. Every person who practices truth will have such light. The higher someone’s level is, the bigger his hallo is and brighter.

2. When I meditate, I see Master wearing a white robe and teaching many people with white robes too. What kind of realm is that Master?

M : It is god’s realm. So the Master is not only teaching people but teaching in the spiritual world. Many creatures or beings need help. So now you understand that a true living Master must have billions of manifestations (nirmanakaya) to help and teach many spiritual realms. The omnipresent body is created because of the Master’s compassion because these physical hands alone will not be able to help humans.

3. Master, when I see you physically there is comfortable energy I feel and my meditation experience increases dramatically. Why is that so?
M : Your experience occurs because of Master’s blessing. A Master has a large magnetic field so when you are close, you get a kind of spiritual blessing, which is the reason you feel comfortable and when you go home, immediately please meditate, and your experience will change. I think what Kabir said is true, that students must have time to meet and hear Master’s lectures at least a week or a month or once a year, if not, students will not have rapid progress.

4. Before meeting you physically, several times you were present in my dream. Can you explain this experience Master?

M : A good dream. Actually, your experience is a sign that in our past life we have met, you could be my students, children of my students or friends of my students. The saints say, “a glimpse of a true living Master’s eyes ties one’s soul to the saints or sages” There is no coincidence at all, all are well connected in the past, all there is a reason for it. Meeting a Master in a dream is a blessing. Sometimes the Master comes to dream of students or even other people. Sometimes smiling, talking or carrying them to ascend to the spiritual realm. The Master is everywhere.

5. In the beginning, I was a ferocious meat-eater, where every day if I didn’t eat meat, I couldn’t stand it. After reading your book, I decided to become a vegetarian and it was very easy. Why could this happen?

M : Possibly in your past, you are a spiritual walker or aspirant who has practiced the precepts of vegetarianism. After reading the Master’s book, your awareness is elevated and there is an intention to undergo spiritual practice again. Many people have experienced this kind of experience. Some have stopped smoking, gambling, killing animals etc.

6. At first there was a lump on my breast, but after following the Master’s suggestion, I became a vegetarian and meditated for one hour every day. It was strange but there was a miracle; my lump in my breast was missing. Actually, what happened to me, Master?

M : Every person who wants to change his life to be better then experiences a lot of miracles. Actually, the Master takes your bad karma so that you are not burdened by suffering, but this is not a problem for Master. This is commonly done by Master. Therefore, a true living Master is nicknamed a garbage collector.

7. A few days ago I dreamed of being visited by a long-haired woman with a horrible face. They said, don’t follow Master Adi Dharma but when I mentioned the name of the Master, the Satan/devil ran away in fear. What kind of creature is that Master?

M : That Satan is a debt collector creature. In your past lives, you have a lot connected with them so that while living now when you want to follow a true living Master, the satan comes and intends to hinder you. He knows if you follow a true Master then you will rise to a higher level so that he won’t be able to collect debts from you. Don’t worry, Master is everywhere. When your devotion calls the name of the Master, the Master will soon come

8. In a few weeks, I felt itchy all over my body and I had gone to the doctor to have it checked but there was no change. Then in a dream, Master came to remove seemingly chicken feathers in my body. The next morning my body was free from itching. Thank you for your help, Master!

M : Actually it is not ordinary itching but the act of a black magician. There is someone who does not like you and goes to a witch to send black magic upon you, but do not worry there is a Master who takes care of you.

9. In a dream, I saw Master standing in front of thousands of bodhisattvas, like the Chief of the Bodhisattvas. Who are you, Master?

M : A good dream, I am an ordinary person like you. All can become Bodhisattvas if diligently practicing including yourself. All beings have the seed or nature of Buddhahood; find that and you will be a saint or a sage. Don’t just dream; use this short time to practice spirituality.

10. Master, in meditation, you appear in a white robe and take me away to the realm of Amitabha Buddha. In that realm, the path is made of gold and many holy beings live there. There is a pool in which there are various kinds of large lotus. Then you stand beside Amitabha Buddha. Thank you for this spiritual experience!

M : Good experience. Only a few people have ever gone there when they still have human body. Be grateful to the Buddhas, I am only an instrument. The Buddhas’ blessings are showering abundantly to you. Do not just feel to want to see the Buddha’s realm but also realize the essence of Buddhahood within you.

11. In meditation, I saw a very bright light. The light pulled me into the tunnel. I immediately arrived at the sea of milk. I saw God Wisnu lying on a giant cobra. What experience is this Master?

M : You have gone to the realm where God Vishnu lived and saw him there. You are a very lucky person because you can go there, but don’t be arrogant. This experience is only a bonus because you focus on meditation.

12. Master, in meditation I see you standing with red eyes and staring at me. Then I read the holy mantra that Master teaches and no sooner he leaves. Who is that red-eyed creature?

M : What you have seen in meditation is not the true form of the Master but the devil or mara. He is a devil, a demon who likes to seduce humans and has the duty to prevent someone from getting out of the wheel of reincarnation. He can disguise himself as saints in order to deceive humans. So when you chant holy mantra, This demon can’t stand it and leave immediately. So now you understand without the guidance and the power of a true (living) Master, then it’s difficult for humans to escape and get out from this wheel of samsara (a continuous cycle of death and rebirth which never ends)

13. Master, through my inner eyes, I see many astral beings disguising themselves as gods, goddesses, and even Buddhas to deceive humans, but when I called Master’s name they immediately ran away because of the manifestation or incarnation of the Master came. Thank you for your blessings and your protection so far!

M: Yes, as what the Buddha has preached in the Suranggama Sutras that many astral beings would disguise themselves as gods, goddesses, and even Buddhas to deceive humans. They deceived in the form of a saint or sage and some even entered the human body. This is very dangerous because the positive energy of humans which is possessed will be washed up and many people will be deceived by the actions of these creatures. Wherever you are, remember the existence of Master, that the Master is omnipresent. This is a manifestation of blessing and protection for you.

14. In meditation, I see you, Master, coming in a white robe, and then I prostrate and hold Master’s feet and immediately Master turns into a Buddha with a golden glow and blesses me. Thank you, Master, for all these visions!

M: Good experience, all vision in meditation is the result of sincerity and confidence. All blessings come from the Buddha. I am only an instrument. Stay focused on this path until one day you reach great enlightenment.

15. Master, while I was on the airplane,  I did meditation and met a Divine being or Deva. This divine being sang 3 verses of poetry entitled,  “Satguru from Bali”.

The chant of the poetry is;

a.  “You are silent but have done many works of God.

b.  You help and relieve many people but they are not grateful but you accept it with a big heart and you are big-hearted.

c. your teaching is simple but brings someone to the level of nirvana (ultimate liberation). So says the poem, Master.

M: Master’s work on earth is noticed by heavenly beings. What humans do not see is seen by astral beings. It cannot be deceived. The devas  (Divine beings or celestial beings) only reveals the truth, so that other students appreciate the opportunity to learn from a true living Master.

16. Master, after getting initiation, I practiced continuously and now I can hear the sound of the flute. The sound is like the rhythmic rhythm of a bamboo flute. Is this experience true, Master?

M: The Experience of hearing the sound of a flute while doing meditation is because in the past lives you have practiced the same method, so now you repeat it. Now God gives you the opportunity to practice again. I hope you have to be really serious in this life to practice.

17. Master, while initiation, I saw a white light and listened to the sound of the waves in meditation. I just understood what was written in scriptures and that the past saints and sages also practiced the same method!

M: The description of the cake will not make people instantly feel full. So the past experience of the saints and sages cannot make someone reach enlightenment. Now you have experienced and understood the written scriptures. I congratulate you. Every day you have to repeat the holy mantras for protection from negative energy and meditating every day 2-3 hours, as much as you can sit in meditation. The more you meditate,  the more Master’s blessings will shower you.

18. Master, while attending the meditation retreat yesterday I saw in meditation a golden gate opened and those of us who attended the retreat wearing white robes climbed a golden stairway up into the sky, and a disciple perceived Master’s physical body radiating a golden light that could be seen with the eyes and we heard someone uttered the greeting “OM ADI DHARMA,” and some disciples perceived these astral beings sitting together meditating while we were at the ashram. Thank you for all the blessings we obtained during the retreat yesterday…Master

M: A good experience, the one who uttered the greeting was Master’s invisible disciple. He looks after the ashram and loves to see disciples come, there are also deities and other beings so you have to be polite there. They also practice just like you.
In an Indian tradition that goes back thousands of years, Gurus always conducted meditation retreats for disciples, whether it be once or twice a year or for a few days or weeks. During the retreat, you will be lifted up to a higher level together. You have to understand that a level consists of hundreds of religious realms and there are many levels to accomplish. You have to go through it all together like a flock of geese forming the letter ‘V’ shape while flying into the sky.
Meditation retreats are very important because the blessings are highly manifold in abundance greater than meditation at home. If you are sincere with a firm resolve then many physical and mental experiences can be undergone. We have to hurry as fast as possible, climb faster up the spiritual ladder and make sure when you transit you don’t look back.
You have to be really sincere to the backbone and have a noble goal while attending a retreat so that you can stay on this path. You have to remain steady till the retreat ends. Make a noble vow that can motivate you. You can model the lives of past Buddha bodhisattvas. Project to the level which you never retreat ever, unimaginable enlightenment. According to the Buddha’s message, “Gallop and leave the weaklings.” Stay focused and keep running fast, stay on the path and one day you can smile and tell yourself that you have accomplished.