Master/ Satguru

1. Please explain the meaning of satguru?

M  : The calling or appelation of Satguru are often used by Indians to call a true (living) teacher or Master.

Satguru derives from Sanskrit word, that is, “Sat” which means truth, while the “Guru” means  a teacher or Master.

So Satguru has a meaning that a person who teaches or lectures truth. The truth that is meant is the highest truth, the truth that can drive away or dispel the darkness of the human heart.

2. Why do you say Satguru /Master is a true friend?

M : A true friend is a friend who is always with you when you are happy or sad, in joy or sorrow.

You leave the world empty-handed: your property and your family, no one is there to be with you. Only your master is there to help you.

The master who will pick you up takes you to sublime realms. In these realms, you will continue your practice to achieve perfection. Thus, Satguru is known as the best friend of all time.

3. what is the prerequisite or barometer of a person to be called a true living master or satguru?

M: First, the master must be able to confer experience about inner light and sound, because in the holy books or scriptures  it has been explained that light and sound are the highest manifestations of supreme God that can be experienced by humans.
Second, the master must be competent in the astral world, which means that the master must have billions of body manifestation or known as omnipresent to guard students and bring their students to their destination. I think this requirement is enough to know someone has reached the level of true living master (Satguru) or not.

4. How do I know that the Master is with me every day?

M: There are some students who realize it quickly and there are some students who realize it more slowly. All depend on the perseverance of meditation. The more meditation you do, the more you will begin to be sensitive and can see various appearances. You can feel some subtle and rough energy. So there are some students who can immediately see the astral body of the master who looks after him, there are some students who could only feel the master’s vibrations with him, and sometimes other people could see the Master following you. From these various experiences, it would make students feel safe because he knows that the Master is with him both physically and spiritually for 24 hours.

5. Can’t meditate alone at home without being a student of a master?

M: I think it is safer to find a master according to the instructions from Sakyamuni Buddha, Guru Nanak, and Krishna. Practicing spiritually is like entering a vast forest, you might fall into a ravine or be eaten by wild animals. It is safer to find a guide because this guide already knows the forest well. So The guide is a  true living master who competently teaches. He will guard you from the trap of negative power or dark forces and improve your way of thinking and wrong behavior.