Pearl of happiness

Q : Master, you came into my dreams and said, “what did you want?” Then I said, “I wanted to be like you, Master.” Master smiled and asked again, “what did you want?” And I answered, “happiness,” and Master then took a piece of cloth and closed my eyes.

M : You want to be a Guru or Master (Master laughs …). Maybe the disciples think that being a Master is very fun or comfortable, but on the contrary, the Master bears or suffers lots of disciples’ karmas accumulation from past lives as well present lives and goes through a lot of mental burdens, if not strong then the Master’s life ends (the Master smiles…).

To become a Master must have rules or standardization that must be met and all of that is corrected or judged by the Above (God who is the Universal Consciousness). So it’s not easy. You seem to overlook your self being but sadly always look up another’s in comparison. That one is successful. This one is happily married. Those so and so are very friendly and many more so that there arose a mental shock which eventually leads to prolonged suffering.

So the message of the Master’s manifestation or astral form is that if happiness is to be attained, then turn your vision inward, vision directed inward. Practice more meditation, more correction of thoughts. Happiness lies within, not outside, and to achieve it you must be more diligent in directing your vision inwardly. Out there is only impermanence of life and a world that is constantly changing, but inwardly there is authenticity or genuineness. To find this pearl of happiness you have to swim stronger into the bottom of the ocean…

~Master Adi Dharma and disciple~