About Spiritual Path

Q : Guruji, the mother of an initiate has just passed away and her spirit is trying to communicate with me. She said,  she is happy now and free from suffering and she is very pleased that his son follows the Sant Satguru (true Master or Master of truth) so he knows the way home. Such is her statement, Guruji…

M : The mother told you to tell her son that she is fine now.

In the Buddha’s era, if someone followed the true living Master, the family would be blessed including both parents who gave birth and raised us. So just one person holds up a lamp, then a family will get blessings from the light even if they don’t follow our path. So it’s amazing, so astonishing if you are on the right path. You can share your blessings with anyone.

There was also a disciple who had just been initiated and he saw in the initiation room where the guards of hell and his parents came. His deceased parents told me that he had been freed from the hell realm and thanked the Master because when his son was initiated, he was immediately released from the hell realm. Then the disciple tells the experience to the Master. So this is called joint karma or family karma.

Someone who does evil deeds then a family will be ashamed, for example, corruptors, and vice versa, if a family member does good deeds, for example, likes to help people then the family will get praise and compliments. So it’s very easy to understand. This is a major path or the great vehicle or the path of Mahayana. A vehicle that can help many families for generations. So just one person follows the Dharma Master and then all family gets blessings whether they are still alive or have died (disciples applause …)

~Master Adi Dharma and disciple~