Spritual Realm


Q : Master, do we have to go to the spiritual world/realm through meditation, I hear the spiritual world is very dangerous?

M : Both, yes and no, if you just meditate for a few minutes then you will not come out (leave the physical body), but if you are accustomed to sitting for 30 minutes or maybe more than one hour so slowly you will enter the world of samadhi and the gate of the spiritual worlds will open. If the gate is open then one can go with his astral body / subtle body to visit several spiritual realms depending on your rewards.

We prove that what has been written in the scriptures is true. There are heaven and hell, there is a Brahma realm and even the holy realm. Yes, it is undeniable that the spiritual realms are very dangerous if you do not have a Guide Master. You can be deceived by the trappings of negative Maya (Dark forces) disguised as saints or maybe you went into the spiritual worlds without permission so that the beings there are angry and so on.

Fear only occurs if you walk alone without a competent Master in the spiritual realms, which means that the Master will always accompany you and protect you in the spiritual realms from the disturbance of negative beings. Sooner or later you would experience astral experiences when you die later. So this will still be experienced, but you are not alone if you become a Satguru’s disciples, therefore a true Master is also called a true friend, means a friend who will be with you when in the world or when you leave the physical world because there is no one there to accompany you but a Satguru. Relatives, friends are not with you. What is with you is only the Master.

So the Bharats or Indians people always worship the true Master or Satguru with the nickname, “Jai Gurudev” which means praise to the Satguru who is spiritual or astral. I understand why you are afraid of (Master smiles…), everyone is initially scared but as time goes by they will get used to it because they understand Master with them all the time.

The Master is omnipresent. The Master is everywhere, in the physical world He works as a human Master, in the spiritual world He works as a Master of the spirits, essentially a Master of gods and humans. So the Master is in every realm of teaching and helping miserable beings.

~Master Adi Dharma and disciples~